August 1st, 1990

August 1st, 1990
At David’s, Manhattan Beach, California

It was so lovely waking up with David and such a shame he had to go to work. He didn’t want breakfast and left really early, so I met up with a couple of the girls and Julian, who I worked with on the way over.

We rented a car from the place next door and decided to go to Disneyland, which I absolutely loved. Driving around was so much fun, with Julian at the wheel.
“Your boyfriend is pretty dishy,” he said.
“Hands off,” I laughed. “He’s not on your team.”
“Ah,” he sighed. “If wishes were fishes.”

After an amazing day at Disneyland, David picked me up at the hotel and we wasted no time coming here. Presently, we’re on the rooftop terrace and I’m once again writing by candlelight. We’re enjoying a bottle of Champagne, oh wait David said it’s done (that was fast!) so he’s gone downstairs to get us something else to drink.

Anyway, focus, focus, oh yes, he laughed when I told him what Julian had said.
“So, I’m your boyfriend, huh?”
“Well, are you not?”
“Boyfriend sounds too high school.”
“Ok so what should I call you then?”
“How about lover?”
I laughed. “Are you serious?”
“Yeah, why not.”

I shared my thoughts on maybe renting a place here, which David said he loves the sound of but he might have a work opportunity that would take him to Germany for a few months towards the end of the year. Germany! That’s close to England! So, with that new nugget of info, I shall put the idea of living here on hold because let’s face it, David is the main attraction.

Oh,  it looks like my “lover,” has returned with what very much looks like another bottle of Champagne.

Love and bubbles on the roof.


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