August 3rd, 1990

August 3rd, 1990
At Millie’s, Surrey

Drove to Millie’s with all the windows down but sadly (unlike LA) there was no ocean breeze to make it worthwhile so the heat just felt oppressive and uncomfortable.

Millie was in the garden, busy setting up tables and chairs for her birthday party. I went upstairs to the guest room and tried to sleep but with the combination of the heat and the commotion, I felt restless and couldn’t seem to drift off.

I closed my eyes and let my mind replay everything that happened in LA and when I got to where David dipped us under the water, I started crying. I can’t put my finger on why it made me cry, maybe just the intensity of how it felt mixed with missing him? When I’m with him, everything feels right and good and, heightened. In every way.

Millie was the beautiful birthday girl tonight in her emerald green dress with the fitted bodice and swirly skirt, a style I love but unlike her, can’t pull off. She looked radiant and very sophisticated.

My two favourite people at the party (aside from Millie of course!) were Clive and his boyfriend Henry, who kept asking if he could touch my hair! Clive asked if I have a boyfriend and Millie spat out her drink when I responded with; “I have a lover in LA, actually!”
“Show them his picture,” she urged and when I did Henry did a mock swoon and clutched at his heart. “Call an ambulance,” he squealed.

Stuart, another of Millie’s friends I’ve heard a little about was here and it was my first time meeting him. He was very sweet and considerate towards her and I heard him telling her how lovely she looked. He reminded me a bit of David with his gentle manner and quiet approach.
It made me think about the way David treats me and how he always wants to listen to what I have to say (which, let’s face it, is rarely minimal!)

The party was in full swing when Millie asked if I wanted to go with her to Reigate police station.
“Whatever for?”
“Stuart’s a police officer, his shift starts at midnight. Come with me so I can drop him off.”
“Doesn’t he have a car?”
“His life is a little complicated right now.”
“How so?”
“I’ll fill you in later.”

When we came back, the party was still going strong and I don’t think anyone even knew we left! We wasted no time getting back in the groove and it was so nice to see Millie enjoying herself but of course it was her party, so she was allowed that little cry at the end of the night.

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