August 10th, 1990

August 10th, 1990

Flight from SEA – YVR – SEA

Followed by transport back to Vancouver!

Vancouver, British Columbia

Really enjoying the crew on this trip, makes all the difference when you have a good bunch to explore with. Met for breakfast in Seattle then went to the Space Needle, where, towering 605 feet above the ground, we enjoyed amazing views of the city. Edward Carlson, the man who came up with the idea for the Space Needle was apparently inspired by the Stuttgart Tower in Germany, a little titbit I forgot to share with David, who enjoys stuff like that.

Operated the shuttle from Seattle to Vancouver then back again, after which the we were due to take crew transport to Vancouver, all except for the flight deck crew who have the luxury of flying on a six-seater jet while the cabin crew slog it out on a coach.

Fortunately, my name was picked from the hat (literally!) to take the last seat on the jet with the flight deck crew, which, needless to say, prompted all kinds of inappropriate comments from my lovely but envious crew.

I couldn’t wait to tell David and rang him the minute I got to my room.

“I wasn’t expecting to hear from you ‘til tomorrow morning, did something change?”

“Oh yes!”

David was highly amused by my stroke of good fortune and uttered, “Wow,” more than once as I told him about the short plane ride and the limo that met us on the tarmac.

“That’s the way to go.”

“It certainly is. It was fab, especially as the sun was setting when we left Seattle.”

“Your crew won’t talk to you anymore.”

I laughed. “Probably not, they were bad enough when my name got picked.”

“I wish you were coming here for the weekend.”

“Me too but I have to fly home tomorrow night.”

“I know,” he sighed. “So close yet so far, huh?”

“Seems that way doesn’t it.”


“Sorry. I hate it too.”

“At least we’re in the same country,” I said, trying to sound positive.

“And on the same time zone. Let me grab a beer and I’ll call you back from the roof, ok?”

“Ok,” I said, wishing I could crawl through the phone.

“And hey, Karen?”


“I love you.”

“I love you too. Talk to you in a minute.”





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