August 18th, 1990

August 18th, 1990

Caracas, Venezuela

Lovely, relaxing day by the pool (uncovered and not in the shade!) with Millie, Dolly and a ridiculously handsome guy from our crew called Roberto, who had me in stitches with a rating system he devised for the guys, which I have to say was utterly brutal and lead me to believe Roberto’s standards are way higher than mine!

Most of our crew met for dinner at a place called, The Solimar, just a short walk from the hotel. We were just about to tuck into dessert when Pauline’s boyfriend (clearly very drunk) called Roberto a poof. Mouths dropped around the table and the Captain wasted no time getting up and telling (not asking) “Just call me Trev,” to go outside so he could, “Have a word.”

About ten minutes later, JCMT returned looking sheepish and told Pauline the Captain wanted to speak to her. She burst into tears and almost took the entire tablecloth with her when she mistook it for her napkin!

While Pauline was outside getting what I imagine was a right telling off, Just Call Me Trev made his way over to Roberto. Around the table, we did our best pretending not to watch or listen as Roberto nodded his head in response to JCMT’s obvious attempts at an apology, which ended, surprisingly, with the two of them shaking hands.

Pauline came back inside, all smiles and made a fool of herself by proposing a toast to; “The best crew ever,” as JCMT gazed longingly at her, or maybe he was still glassy eyed from too many Cuba Libres.

While Pauline was rabbiting on, Millie kicked me under the table and mouthed, “They belong together.”

My sentiments exactly.







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