August 30th, 1990

August 30th, 1990

Flight from LHR – BOS

Marriott Copley Place, Boston, Massachusetts

Queen Lizzie zoomed her way across the Atlantic, a flute of Champagne firmly in hand, smiling from ear to ear as she made herself comfortable in the plush surroundings of the First Class cabin, all while Millie and I practically walked all the way to Boston, surrounded by hundreds of needy passengers!

Millie said she’s convinced that Hubert, our Cabin Service Director, fancies mum and after hearing him gush, “What a treat it was to have your Mother onboard,” and watching him insist on mum sitting with him on the crew bus (she didn’t put up a fight!) I have to agree.

Five-hour time difference here so we wasted no time changing and grabbing a taxi to Quincy Market (Millie’s suggestion) where we devoured lobster rolls and some type of fishy soup that was utterly delicious.

This is mum’s first time in America since leaving New York in 1964 (!) and she literally hasn’t stopped smiling (or talking!) She and Millie get on like a house on fire and between them, they had me in stitches the entire night but with two sleepless nights behind me, I’m more than ready to crash.

Nighty nite from Beantown!


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