September 7th, 1990

September 7th, 1990

Flight from LHR – AMS, as a passenger

Leeuwarden, Holland

I thought I’d be staying with Lorna and Klaus tonight, but when they picked me up at Schiphol Lorna asked if I’d mind coming to visit Elmer, a friend of theirs who attends culinary college.

“Twelve hours, eh?” Lorna snickered, from the front seat of the car, after I told her about David’s stopover.


“I’m surprised ye can still walk!”


“Uff, I’m just playing,” she said. “By the way, do you remember Elmer?”

“Have I met him?”

“Aye, I think so, then again, maybe no. Anyway, he’s interested.”

“In what?”

“In you!”

“Lorna, I just finished telling you about David!”

“When did you become a nun?”

“You’re awful! Isn’t she Klaus? Isn’t she just absolutely the most awful person ever?”

“The worst,” he chuckled.

“Listen doll, all I’m saying is that you’re here, he’s there. Elmer’s here, he’s good looking, he’s available and, well, you know”

“Well just so you know, I’m in love with David.”

She spun her head so fast I thought it might snap off. “D’ye really?”


“Och, well that’s nice. Isn’t that nice, Klaus?”


“Is that all you’ve got to say, Klaus?”

“Lorna, I’m driving.”

“Yer a bloody pilot! Driving a car should be easy peasy.”

Klaus cracked up laughing. “You are correct, Karen. She is the most terrible person.”

“And that’s why you’re marrying me, honey,” she cooed.

I cleared my throat. “Ehm, I hate to disturb the love fest but does this mean you have a wedding date?”

“Aye, did I no tell ye?”

“Eh, no!”

“Uff, I thought I did. We’re planning on getting married next March.”

Klaus glanced at Lorna, she smiled and squeezed his shoulder. “Tell her where,” she said.

“We’re getting married in Bermuda.”

“Wow, oh wow. Bermuda is sooo beautiful.”

“Aye, so make sure LA Dave is available. Yer no showing up to ma wedding by yerself.”

“I have no intention of coming alone,” I said, smiling at the thought of attending their beautiful island wedding, with David.


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