September 8th, 1990

September 8th, 1990

At Lorna & Klaus’s, Holland

They say there’s a first time for everything and tonight I cycled home from a club!

Spent the day at the Jazz & Sail festival, which was fun ‘til the weather took a nasty turn, forcing everyone off the beach into the marquee. As soon as the sun came out again we jumped on the bikes and cycled to Klaus’s parents, where, due to the language barrier, I felt utterly lost. Lorna, on the other hand, is doing amazingly well, her Dutch is almost fluent. Several times she made some very rude Scottish comments under her breath that I’m sure her future mother-in-law sensed were aimed at her!

Lorna roped Klaus into cooking dinner and I offered to set the table.

“There’s five of us?”

“Elmer’s joining us and I know, I know, he’s no your cup of tea but wait ‘til you see the other one, he’s right up your alley.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“Martan. He and Klaus have been friends forever. By the end of the night, if not by dessert, you won’t remember anything about whatshisface in LA!”

“Ugh! You!” I exclaimed as she winked and smiled.

I was upstairs when Elmer and Martan arrived and waited a little while for everyone to catch up before my presence forced them to speak English. When I went downstairs, I did a double take at the sight of the blonde, floppy hair.

“Told you,” Lorna mouthed.

I said hello to Elmer, who responded in perfect English, then Lorna (gleefully) introduced me to Martan. His resemblance to David was uncanny and I had to keep reminding myself not to stare.

I sat across from Martan at dinner (thanks Lorna!) and kept my attention on the food and flowing wine. Thinking we were in for the night, I drank more than I normally would and was surprised when Klaus suggested we go out.

“It’s nearly bloody midnight!” Lorna boomed.

“Time to get the party started,” Klaus said in his lovely accent, making us laugh.

“Righty-o,” Lorna smiled. “Get the bikes out!”

A couple of hours and bars later, outside a club with the kind of music I love dancing to, Lorna said she and Klaus were ready to call it a night.

“I’ll come back with you.”

“No. You. Will. Not.”

I knew better than to argue with her.

Elmer only stayed at the club for a little while then left Martan and I on the dance floor, where not once did he attempt to talk to me. Result! We stayed ‘til closing time and surprisingly I was the one who remembered the spot where we’d left the bikes.

“I know my way back, Martan,” I said, untangling the rusty old bike from the stand.

“I have instructions to get you home safely.”

“Oh, you do, do you? I can only imagine who made that suggestion.”

He laughed. “She is a wonderful person.”

“She really is. Bossy, but wonderful.”


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