September 9th, 1990

September 9th, 1990

At Lorna & Klaus’s, Holland

“Och, yer a bloody lost cause,” were the first words out of Lorna’s mouth this morning.

“Why, because I didn’t snog any of the bazillion guys you tried to set me up with?”

“It was only two,” she snickered. “So, this David thing is serious, eh?”

“Can you see yerself marrying him?”

“Why is everybody so keen to get me married off?”

“We just want you to be happy.”

“Then stop hounding me!”
“Uff, you’re awful crabbit.”
“You sounded exactly like my mum just then,” I said, lightening up. “Sorry, I just really miss him, it’s really difficult being so far apart.”

“Poor wee lamb,” she cooed. “Want Auntie Lorna to make you a nice wee cup of tea? Maybe I’ll lace it with something to cheer you up.”

“Oh, Lorna you really are too much,” I smiled.

“Och, I know,” she winked. “All part of my irresistible charm.”


The rest of the day and evening was filled with:

A bike ride through the forest.

A walk on the beach.

Hot cocoa at the beach café.

Souvenir and cheese shopping at the outdoor market in Alkmaar.

Enjoying sunset cocktails on the patio with Lorna, Klaus, Elmer and Martan (oh, that hair!)

A delicious dinner at the elegant La Peche restaurant.

An after-dinner stroll through town, arm in arm with Lorna, as she attempted to teach me several Dutch expressions, some of which I’d never repeat!

A night cap on the patio, wrapped in a fluffy blanket.

Ik hou van Holland!


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