September 14th, 1990

September 14th, 1990

At home, England

I was so engrossed in reading Maeve Binchy’s “Silver Wedding,” this afternoon, that when the phone rang, I ignored it. Until it kept ringing.

“Arghhh,” I grunted, attempting to unravel myself from the blanket I keep on the couch.

“Hello?” I said, still untangling the lower half of my body.

“Hey you.”

“Shit!” I exclaimed, noticing that I’d kicked over the mug of tea I forgot to drink.

“Eh, my name’s Ben!”

I laughed. “Yes, I know that!”

“Sounds like I caught you at a bad time, I can…”

“No, no, not at all,” I lied. “It’s a fine time. How are you?”

“Excellent, and you? How’s the house?”

“I’m really enjoying it. It’s lovely.”

Except for the tea stain spreading across the off-white carpet mum warned me against buying!

“Has lover boy moved in yet?”

Choosing to ignore the comment, I asked. “How’s flying?”

“Brilliant! I love it.”

“I thought you would.”

“Yeah, it’s something I should’ve done a long time ago. So, how’s tricks? I thought you’d be married and commuting to LA by now.”

“Very funny.”

“You’re still seeing him, right?”

“If you’re referring to David, yes, I’m still seeing him.”

“Does that mean I can’t come and see you?”

“Ehm, no, it doesn’t mean that at all.”

It just means I probably shouldn’t end up in bed with you!

“Good, I’ll be at my mum and dad’s late tomorrow afternoon. Can I come over tomorrow night?”

Yes please, yes please!

“Sorry, that won’t work, I’m flying to Jo’Burg.”

“You don’t like it there.”

“No, but I still have to go.”

“You could throw a sickie.”

One phone call is all it’ll take!

“Not with a mortgage I can’t.”

“Ah, the perils of being a grown up.”

“I’m not complaining.”

“Are you sure tomorrow night won’t work?”

Stay strong! Don’t cave in!

“’Fraid not.”

“If you throw a sickie, you’ll get a better trip when you ring in fit.”

“I see you’ve already figured out how to manipulate the system.”

“Has to be done. Listen, I’ll be about all weekend, so if you change your mind…”

“I won’t. I’ll be flying to Jo’Burg tomorrow night.”



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