September 16th, 1990

September 16th, 1990

Johannesburg, South Africa

I felt the sadness creeping up on me this morning, as the crew bus sped past one shanty town after another, an all too common sight in this part of the world.

Only a handful of rooms were ready so the more junior crew (including yours truly) had to wait, during which time there were complaints about how many hours we’d been on our feet and blah, blah, blah, all of which seemed absurd, considering the quality of (or lack of) life not even a mile away.

By the time I got to my room, I was in a real funk and promptly ordered twenty-seven thousand calories of chocolate, spread between cakes, croissants and of course, chocolate mousse.

Still in uniform (first time ever I didn’t shower right after a flight) I devoured the lot, then, feeling utterly sick, I collapsed on the bed and allowed the tears to come. Tiredness finally got the better of me and I passed out but awoke several hours later feeling even worse.

It’s David’s birthday and I’m celebrating with my own pity party.

Ten thousand miles away.


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