September 19th, 1990


September 19th, 1990

Hotel InterContinental, Nairobi, Kenya

Slept for twelve hours straight last night (don’t recall the last time I did that) then I took a wander down to the pool, where a few of the girls were lounging.

“She lives!” Anita announced. “We were just talking about you.”

I gave her a questioning look. “Oh?”

“We were just saying how little we’ve seen of you on this trip. Are you alright?”
“My stomach was playing up but I’m fine now.”

“Anytime I feign stomach problems it’s usually guy related,” Molly said.

“Something like that,” I smiled in acknowledgement.

“In that case, I wanna hear all about it!” Anita said. “Bloody men!”

I laughed. “I’ll fill you in, but first I need food. Who fancies a walk to The Norfolk?”

Annalise (who looks like she exists on water) claimed she wasn’t hungry but Molly (who’s the spitting image of Cameron Diaz) said she was about to faint if she didn’t eat. Anita said she had just “pigged out,” but wanted to tag along so she could listen to, “the man gossip.”

Just as we were finishing up lunch (much, much cheaper and better than anything available at the hotel) Molly asked if either of us had been to the elephant orphanage.

“No,” Anita and I replied in unison.

“We should go,” Molly suggested. “But, I’ll warn you, we’ll need a box of tissues.”

She wasn’t kidding. Before we even reached the elephants, Anita and I were in tears when the guide told us the majority of the baby elephants (aka calves) lost their parents to poachers who killed them for their ivory tusks. Ugh, can’t even wrap my head around that.

We didn’t expect to see any animals other than elephants but there were also zebras (love them as well) and even a giraffe but the cutest thing ever was the baby elephant draped in a blanket, which is when Molly grabbed the tissues!

We learned that elephants can swim and can live to be seventy. Gestation time is twenty-two months, which prompted much commentary about how it’d feel to endure an almost two-year pregnancy!

The conversation continued along the same lines tonight in the hotel bar, during which I had three glasses of wine that went down a treat.

I’m going to bed to dream of elephants roaming free.

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