September 26th, 1990

September 26th, 1990

At home, England

Tonight, mum and I went to The Point to watch Sarah Ferguson arriving for the Royal Premiere of, “Presumed Innocent,” a new legal drama with Harrison Ford.

Mum insisted on us getting there (in my opinion) far too early so I was surprised to find hundreds of people already lining the entryway. Mum was not at all fazed by the size of the crowd and more or less barged her way to the front (I followed!)

A loud cheer went up when the stately looking car pulled up and an even louder one, when Fergie stepped out, at which point mum leaned into me and whispered, “Her hair looks awful straggly, she should have it up.”

The Duchess of York took her time walking up the red carpet, allowing mum ample time to comment on, well, pretty much everything related to Fergie but I do agree that she looked better in person than she does on tv and definitely much thinner.

“You look smashing,” mum blurted as Fergie walked past. She smiled and said, “Thank you,” with a little wave.

“Och, that was nice of her, wasn’t it,” mum uttered to nobody in particular.


Dad feigned interest as mum regaled him with every detail of her, “Encounter with Royalty,” whilst at the same time attempting to continue watching Daniel Day Lewis in “My Left Foot.” He eventually gave up and turned the tv off, which mum took that as an invitation to continue and I had to laugh when she said, “Even with that red hair of hers, Fergie looks better in bright colours. That velvet dress, as lovely as it was, was too dark for her.”

When I was getting ready to leave mum said, “Thanks for coming with me, hen, I really enjoyed it.”

“Me too, mum,” I said, kissing her cheek. “It was fun.”

“I just have to say though, Fergie’s nice but she’s no a patch on Diana.”

I nodded in agreement as mum gave my cheek a little squeeze. “And Diana’s no a patch on my lassie,” she said, smiling widely.

Ah, mum.  Always my biggest fan.


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