October 16th, 1990

October 16th, 1990

Hotel Dusit Thani

Bangkok, Thailand


Made it to Bangkok without harming any passengers but I don’t feel any wiser!

Wasted no time cranking up the air conditioning and crawling into the huge, comfy bed at this beautiful hotel (one of my favourites) but made sure to set the alarm to avoid sleeping through ‘til three in the morning!

Only two of our twenty-two strong crew didn’t meet up tonight, probably because they forgot to set the alarm! The crew consensus was to head to the Toby Jug, which I always find amusing. Why come all the way to Thailand just to drink in a “British Style Pub,” complete with a dart board and a menu featuring classics like bangers and mash and toad in the hole.

Thankfully, we were only there for a short time before Andy (Carl’s brother) suggested the Thai Rooms, where our huge group was split up into three tables. Prior to ordering, the captain suggested splitting the bill, which I swear is a prompt for everybody to drink more than usual!

When we left the restaurant, it was humid and noisy, the two things I mostly associate with Bangkok. Most of the crew were heading to Pat Pong to continue the booze fest but I was already wilting from the humidity.

“I’ll come back with you,” Andy offered. “I’m not in the mood for drinking.”

“I was just thinking the same, it’s too hot.”

“Is actually. Besides, the sooner we adjust to the time change, the better. Otherwise we’ll be messed up for the rest of the trip.”

We had a drink in the hotel bar before calling it a night, now the trick is to sleep all the way through to morning, which, considering it’s only six pm at home is unlikely.


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