October 31st, 1990

October 31st, 1990

At home

In order to garner more clarity, it often helps to have a friend who listens, which is pretty much what Frankie did today (and yesterday!)

It was another late night and consequently we didn’t surface ‘til lunchtime. I made French toast and scrambled eggs and set everything up on the small picnic bench in the garden. When Frankie appeared, her smile matched the weather.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, in the same tone I’ve heard her use on sick passengers.

“Much better,” I smiled. “Thanks to you.”
“Glad to hear it,” she said. “You’ve been a busy little bee, this looks scrumptious.”

“Tuck in, oh wait, shall we have some Bucks Fizz?”

“There’s still champers left?”
“I always have an emergency bottle stashed away.”

“Consider this an emergency,” she winked.

Tonight, we went to The Point, hoping to see “Ghost,” but it was sold out so we went to Café Moonshine for more mega chat. Back here, Frankie went to great pains to analyze my relationship with David and suggested we ring him at work but fortunately I wasn’t drunk enough to actually do it!

Seemed the more we drank, the more expert we became on that thing called love!


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