November 10th, 1990

November 10th, 1990

Excelsior Hotel, Heathrow Airport, England


Woke up with David on the phone.

“Hi honey, sorry to call so early.”

“It’s ok,” I croaked. “What time is it?”

“I’ll give you a clue, it’s dark.”

“Dark here too,” I laughed. “Six o four, which means you’re still a day behind.”

“Crazy, huh?”

“Hmmm, is everything ok?”

“Yeah, I just got home and I’m lonesome without you, so I figured I’d call.”

“I’m glad you did.”

“Is Lorna still there?”

“No, she’s already back in, as she calls it, the land of the clogs.”

“That’s funny. How’d the visit go?”
“Great. She certainly knows how to keep me on my toes, which you’ll see for yourself next March.”

He paused before saying, “Refresh my memory.”

“Lorna and Klaus’s wedding? In Bermuda? Did you forget?”

“Ah, that, no, no, I hadn’t forgotten about it.”

Clearly, you did!

“That’s when you’ll get to meet a handful of my cast of characters.”

But only a few, I don’t think you’re ready for all of them yet!

“Awesome. What’s your report time today?”

“Oh, I didn’t get a chance to tell you about that, it all changed.”

“What happened?”

“The aircraft went tech in Harare so I start standby at two this afternoon.”

“At home?”

“No, they put me on ninety minutes notice so I have a room at the hotel.”

“This won’t affect your trip out here, will it?” I loved the concern in his voice.

“No, that’s a request trip, should be fine.”

“Cool, that’s cool. It’d suck if you couldn’t come.”

“That’s an understatement. Did you say you just got home?”

“Yeah, I was out to dinner with a client from the Tokyo office.”

“Another day, another dinner.”


“How was it?”

“Tedious. The dude has the personality of a snail. Or maybe a gnat.”

I laughed. “Poor you. Did you at least have a decent meal?”


“I no longer feel sorry for you.”

He laughed. “It was nothing like our sushi place. I was thinking, maybe we can go there the night before Thanksgiving.”

“Oh, I’d love that.”

“Cool, I’ll make a reservation. I’m sure it’ll be, what’s that expression you use?”



I have a dinner date!

In LA!

And I have a dress to wear to Thanksgiving!

In San Diego!

In the meantime, I’m alone on Saturday night in a hotel room, waiting for a call that could take me closer (yay!) or farther away from the one I want to be with.


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