November 13th, 1990

November 13th, 1990

Flight from CAI – LGW

At home, England
Finally got to chat to Pamsy tonight.

“Hello stranger!”

“Karen! It’s so nice to hear from you.”

“It’s been yonks, hasn’t it, how are you?”

“I’ve been so busy, you know how it is.”

“I do, I just got back from Cairo this morning after being called out. I tried to sleep but-”

“Ugh, I hate that feeling, when you toss and turn.”

“Hostie problems,” I laughed.

“Yeah, I know, listen to us, we sound like two old birds. Tell me everything!”


“Start with your love life.”

“Let’s see, ehm, I’m going to LA next week on a request trip.”

“Ooooh, for Thanksgiving?”


“Oh wow,” she shrieked. “You’re going to meet the family!”

“Seems I am.”

“This is major. Actually, no, more like epic!”

“I have to admit, I’m a bit concerned about meeting them.”

“You have nothing to worry about, they’ll love you. Play up on your Britishness and talk about tea and the queen and stuff like that. Before you know it, you’ll have them eating out of your hand.”

I laughed. “Good advice, thank you.”

“And wear something demure, not that you wouldn’t but-”

“I already have the outfit sorted.”
“Good. The last thing you want is his mum thinking you’re a bit of strumpet.”

I laughed. “That would not be good!”

“How long have you been seeing him now?”

“We met last July, so it’s-”

“Long enough to know how you feel about him. And?”

“And what?”

“How do you feel about him?”

“I love him, you know that. He’s amazing.”

“Oh wow, I think it’s time I bought a hat!”

I laughed. “I don’t think we’re at that point.”

“Hurry up! What’s the hold up?  I want to come and visit you in LA!”

“Oooh, now there’s an incentive!”

“I see a ring on your finger by Christmas.”

“Ok, now you’re making me nervous.”

“It’s just marriage,” she chuckled. “It’s only for the rest of your life, nothing to worry about.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Aw, I’ve really missed you. It’s so nice to hear your voice again.”

“Yours too darling,” she said, her tone so sweet and familiar.

“Your turn,” I said.

She chuckled. “How much time do you have?”


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