November 28th, 1990

November 28th, 1990

At home, England


My bum is numb from so much time on the phone today!

Millie – How was Thanksgiving with Mr. LA?

It didn’t happen.

Why not?

Apparently, he’s gay.

She started to laugh, then promptly stopped. You’re kidding, right?

I’m not kidding, Millie. He met someone else. A guy.

He can’t be gay. You slept with him!


Annabel – Miss McGarr! I just wanted to ring and see how you are.

Thanks Annabel, that’s sweet of you.

Are you ok?

I will be.

I’m so sorry. Such a dreadful shock. I shall never forget how sad you looked.

I’m so glad you were there, thank you for everything.

Oh gosh, it was nothing. Listen, don’t forget Christmas Eve. I’m lining up a bevy of beauties for you to choose from!


Lorna – Hiya honey, so, how was it?



It was terrible and that’s putting it mildly.

Och, dull family, I had a feeling.

Actually, I didn’t get to meet them.

Why not?

David and I split up.

You better be bloody kidding!

Sadly, I’m not.

What happened?

He met somebody else.

Who is it?

A guy. He’s seeing a guy.


First time for everything.


Frankie – Hello darling, are you still stuffed, if you know what I mean, bwahhahaha!

Not at all. Thanksgiving didn’t happen.

Oh no, the aircraft went tech?

No, the boyfriend met someone else and dumped me.

No way!

Unfortunately, yes.

Crumbs. I wonder who she is?

He. It’s a he.

A guy?


But you-

Yes, I slept with him.


No shit.





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