December 20th, 1990

December 20th, 1990

Fight from LHR – JFK

Lexington Hotel, New York

The atmosphere onboard was rather festive today and judging by the amount of booze we served, the passengers were well into the holiday spirit! With a flight time of just under seven hours, there wasn’t much time to linger but the passengers I talked appeared happy to be “heading home for the holidays.” Home, it seems for many people, isn’t necessarily where they live.

Working with a fun guy from Glasgow called Emilio, who knew every word to the Grease soundtrack the driver played as the crew bus crawled towards Manhattan. Along with the music, we enjoyed what crew affectionately call, “brown milk,” a delicious concoction that kept us well-oiled on what could’ve otherwise been a tedious journey.

I left a message on Christopher’s answering machine to wish him Happy Christmas and wanted to wish him luck proposing but I figured if Laurie heard the message, he might not be very happy with me!


Ventured out with a few of the crew but calling it a night (four am UK time!) because I have a mad desire to get up early and join the frenzied shoppers.


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