January 19th, 1991

January 19th, 1991

Lagos, Nigeria

I just had a very interesting experience, in the hotel bar, where I bumped into Penelope, aka, Perfect Penny.

“Hi Penelope,” I waved, remembering her disdain for any abbreviated version of her beloved name.

“Oh, hello,” she uttered, quickly averting her gaze, clearly hoping I’d keep walking.

“How are you?” I said, grabbing the stool beside her.

“Splendid,” she fake smiled. “And you?”

“Great, thanks. Hey, did you get the note I left in your mail slot at Heathrow?”

“Oh gosh, so sorry I must have forgotten to respond.”

“I just wanted to see how you were doing after-”

“After I was sent home with that dreadful sinus infection,” she said, a little too fast.

Staring at her, I said, “Sinus infection?”

She nodded her head furiously. “Gosh, that really was awful.”

Which part, I thought, getting sent home or the fact you peed on not one but four pregnancy test sticks in my hotel room, all of which, I hate to remind you, tested positive!

“Ya,” she continued. “I suffer terribly from sinus problems, as well as migraines. Runs in the family.”

“Oh,” I uttered. “So, is your ehm, is your sinus infection all taken care of now?”

“Mummy made sure I had the best doctor for such,” she stated, her expression remaining stoic.

“I see. Well, I suppose that’s good news, yes?”

“Yes, it’s marvelous news actually. All taken care of.” That fake smile again.

“Well I’m glad to hear you’re ok, I was quite concerned about you, you know.”

“You were terribly sweet but I’m absolutely fine, no need to continue discussing such.”

“Ok, well in that case I’ll leave you to it and say goodnight.”

“Goodbye,” she said, without looking at me.


I guess I had better stay on the pill, to avoid risking a sinus infection!


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