January 27th, 1991

January 27th, 1991

Narita, Japan

My first thought, after crawling out of bed and opening the door to Emilio was; I hope I don’t look that bad!

“Sooooo?” He said, with more than a cheeky grin, coming into my room.

“Sorry, what was that?” I teased.

“When did he leave?”

“I know not what you speak of,” I said, brushing my hand across my forehead in an exaggerated gesture.

“I cannae believe it, I mean, of all the bars in all the, whatever the rest of that is,” he laughed. “I thought he was engaged?”

“He is.”

“I can see that’s going well! So, when did he leave?”

“About half an hour ago.”

“Tut, tut, tut,” he joked. “Hopefully he’ll be on first crew rest after being up all night with you.”

“I’m saying nothing! Are you ready for a day at Disneyland?”

“Aye, I better keep moving otherwise I’ll keel over.”

Unable to read the signs at the station, we boarded the first train in the hopes it was going in the direction of Tokyo Disneyland! I just laughed at the absurdness of that, clearly, we were still intoxicated this morning!

In the lap of the woman sitting across from us, sat a baby with the biggest head I’ve ever seen, the sight of which prompted us to begin what started out as a conversation filled with concern and ended up being especially crude, mostly with regard to how the woman could have possibly given birth to what Emilio was now calling, “The Alien Wean,” (Scottish for child!)

The woman on the other side of Emilio spent the journey engrossed in her book, but when she stood up, she glared at us and in an American accent, sneered, “You dumb asses are on the wrong train!”

I felt my cheeks flush as I quickly gathered up my stuff, while Emilio made a poor attempt apologizing for what we said about the baby, but the more he spoke, the worse it sounded. We followed the woman off the train and when she was a few feet ahead of us, she turned and yelled, “Ha! The train was going to Disneyland after all! Have a nice day, assholes!”

Emilio and I didn’t dare react, but once the platform was clear of everyone, we cracked up.

“How stupid of us to assume nobody could understand us!”

“Aye, that’ll teach us,” he said.

We eventually made it to Disneyland and enjoyed an amazing day but on the train home we remained, to quote Emilio, “As quiet as Mickey and Minnie Mouse!”



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