January 29th, 1991

January 29th, 1991

Flight from OSA – ANC

Anchorage, Alaska

Started off the day in Japan, ending in Alaska, after a seventeen-hour time difference between the two continents!

Met Emilio first thing and headed for the high-end department stores, filled with beautifully turned out staff, all in possession of impeccable manners. We couldn’t afford to buy any luxury items but did spend a small fortune at a market stall, on rubbery tasting strawberries that swiftly ended up in the bin. I told Emilio I had a hankering for freshly picked strawberries, served with fresh cream, preferably on a warm June day, somewhere like, say, Wimbledon.

“Let me guess,” he laughed. “Front row?”

“But of course,” I teased.

Passenger total was only fifty-five, which on the Boeing 747 feels eerie, especially when darkness falls. Even with such a severe lack of passengers, Harold still refused to allow us any crew rest. I must remember to make a mental note to leave the flying world long before I hit thirty. Emilio estimates Harold to be in his sixties but I think he’s probably closer to fifty, with almost twenty-five years as crew under his belt (no thanks!)

We arrived in Anchorage to, surprise, surprise, snow! It was only nine am, so Emilio came to my room for tea and toast. It was too cold to go out so we started watching “Top Gun” but I dozed off. I have yet to see past the scene where Goose and Maverick sing “Great Balls of Fire” due to the fact I either fall asleep or have to leave the hotel!

Emilio woke me to say he was going back to his room, and that was it, I was wide awake. This is the biggest time difference I’ve been through and I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. Not only that but it’s been a terrible day in the food department, with breakfast and lunch in Japan, then breakfast, lunch and dinner (yes, all on the same day!) in Alaska!

In an attempt to quash the crew rumour that Emilio and I are involved in a romantic relationship, we met up with them and went to dinner but before doing so, we had a good laugh about it.

“They all think we’re shagging like rabbits,” Emilio grinned. “I even heard Harold talking to Samantha about us.”

“It’s actually quite amusing, considering all we do is talk and ea

Speaking of eating, I’m going to bed with a full tummy and a sneaking suspicion that, thanks to too many Margarita’s, I may wake up feeling that most redundant of emotions; Regret!


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