March 11th, 1991

March 11th, 1991

Hamilton Princess Hotel, Bermuda

What is it about a wedding that makes you feel all mushy and brings thoughts to the forefront on when it might be your turn!

Met first thing in Lorna’s “friend from home,” Joanna’s room, where the Champagne flowed mightily while we helped Lorna get ready. When she finally appeared in her wedding gown, there was much blubbering, followed by giggles over a few not so innocent stories the married girls shared about their “Wedding Night Experiences!”

The marriage ceremony took place in the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral, a truly majestic looking building, filled with a sense of serenity. I haven’t attended many weddings but in that setting, listening and watching Lorna and Klaus make their vows, it brought home the seriousness of such a sacred commitment.

From the cathedral, we headed back to the hotel and boarded a beautifully outfitted yacht, most befitting of such an occasion. While we sailed around the harbour, the conversation turned to, not surprisingly, love, in particular how many times we’ve been in love (twice) and who we think we’ll marry. When it came my turn, Carl scoffed when I said, “I haven’t met him yet.”

“I disagree,” he winked, prompting me to give him a questioning look and ask, “Who?”

“Jon,” he grinned.

“Jon’s lovely but he’s not the one for me. Besides, he’s all loved up with some new girl.”

“You missed the boat there,” Carl tutted. “He’s a great bloke.”

“I really liked him as well,” Kimberly pouted.

“Me too,” Meryl sighed. “But David was my favourite.”

Catching my look of surprise, she mouthed, “Sorry. That just came out!!”
Hearing David’s name filled me with sadness, but fortunately it was time for the newlyweds to cut the cake so there was no time for dwelling.

The celebration continued tonight, in town, where I dabbled in a little Italian love with a hunk called Luciano, one of the few advantages of being single at a wedding!


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