March 26th, 1991

March 26th, 1991

Flight from MEL – SYD – SIN

Westin Hotel, Singapore

The last thing I wanted to do after a fourteen-hour duty day, was go to a room party but Andy felt we should at least, “Show our faces for one drink then make our excuses and leave.”

“Fair enough,” I said, stepping out of the lift. “See you in Ali’s room in half an hour.”

“Ta ta, gorgeous,” he said, blowing me a kiss.

Once inside my room, with my shoes kicked off and a much-needed bottle of water guzzled, I looked longingly at the bed and thought how nice it would be to take a bath before succumbing to its comfort, but I knew if I did, Andy would come knocking on my door.

The room party was fun but halfway through a glass of wine, I felt myself fading, so I told Andy I was going back to my room.

“I’m just getting started,” he chuckled, shaking his almost empty glass. “Ring me in the morning. Not too early!”

“Night,” I said, pecking him on the cheek before saying bye to everyone.

Waiting for the lift, my mind wandered back to the huge, inviting bed and my desire to crawl into it, so when the lift dinged and the doors opened, I was stunned to see a familiar face.

“Hello, Karen.”


“Up or down?”

“Eh, which floor is this?”

“Twenty-three,” he said, a look of amusement.

“Up, please. Thirty-seven. What’re you up to? When did you arrive?”

“Yesterday. You?”
“About an hour ago,” I yawned. “I take it we came from different directions?”

Nodding and smiling widely, he said, “You look well.”

“Thank you. You do too.”

“Are you calling it a night?” It came out sounding suggestive, which really isn’t his style so I attributed it to either his new cool haircut or that he met someone.

“Not necessarily,” I said, in a flirty tone, if only to gauge his response.

“It’s just that I’m meeting the crew at the Compass Rose, under duress of course, so I was only planning on staying for one drink.”

Inwardly, I chuckled at our common intention, as he continued. “I’d love it if you’d join me.”

Hmmm, so maybe no to him seeing someone.

“Love to,” I smiled. “But just one.”

Famous last words!



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