April 16th, 1991

April 16th, 1991

Flight from LGW – ANU, as a passenger

Enjoying the luxury of 3A as we wing our way to the island of Antigua, where I’ll be enjoying the sun and sea for the next two weeks.

Spent last night at Millie’s and appreciate her keeping my car at hers, to avoid the astronomical charges for the convenience of parking at Gatwick. We stayed up late talking about Antigua and how great it’ll be when Millie gets there but mostly we talked about David.

“Are you glad you saw him and by the way, I still can’t believe you rang him!”

“Nor can I! I don’t know what came over me.”

“Did seeing him again help?”

“Big time,” I nodded.

“In a good way?”

“I still found him really attractive, or at least I did ‘til he mentioned Michael’s name, then something changed. I can’t really explain it.”

She gave me a quizzical look. “Seems pretty obvious to me.”

“Yes, but I think I needed to hear it to make it real.”

“So, are you ready and able to close the David chapter now?”
“Not just the chapter, the entire book.”

“That’s progress,” she smiled, refilling my wine glass.

“Yes, I do believe it is.”

“Good for you Madison. And now you can go to Antigua with a clear mind and see how you feel about William, right?”

I laughed. “Slow down!”

“Let’s be honest,” she said. “You’re not just going for the rum punch!”

“Obviously not but to be honest, I have no expectation.”

Aside from the fact William is coming to meet me at the airport!











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