April 21st, 1991

April 21st, 1991

Scott’s house, Antigua

Millie has been on the island for approximately twenty-eight hours, the majority of which were fun, until tonight, when she fell into one of her moods, then lost her temper, after I asked if she fancied going into town after dinner!

Scott and William were outside on the deck and Scott came running in to see what the racket was. Millie hissed a few not so nice words in his direction, then stormed upstairs, slammed the bedroom door shut, then proceeded to yell how much she hates us!

Over dinner (awkward to say the least!) Scott asked if I’ve ever seen Millie act this way. “Ehm, she can be a little moody at times,” I stuttered, feeling absolutely mortified.   “What should we do?” He looked more than a little concerned, unlike William, who appears completely oblivious to the situation. Either that or he’s taking a back seat, which is probably wise. “Best thing to do is just let her stew.”

Scott chuckled. “You Brits and your expressions. How long will that take?”

“I’m not quite sure.”

That was five hours ago!










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