April 23rd, 1991

April 23rd, 1991

Scott’s house, Antigua

Farewell to Millie! She never did open the bedroom door to any of us and when we got up yesterday morning, she was gone! I knew there was no flight to LHR ‘til tonight, so Scott went to the airport and lo and behold, there she was, checking in. Scott said he was afraid to approach her for fear of another confrontation but felt better knowing she was safe. He also said he felt relieved knowing her departure from the island was imminent!

I feel bad Millie and I weren’t able to work things out but this isn’t the first time I’ve found her to be utterly unreasonable and I’m tired of her lashing out, then acting like everything is fine, when in fact, it’s the opposite.

Millie doesn’t like William, that much was obvious, but I think a good friend should support your choice/s and if they’re not in keeping with their expectation, then perhaps they ought to just keep their mouth shut, instead of berating you!

Anyway, she’s gone and I’m going to enjoy the remainder of my time here getting to know William, which I have to say, is going swimmingly!






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