May 9th, 1991


May 9th, 1991

At home, England

Busy day on the phone;

Carl – “Did you hear that? It’s the sound of all those hearts breaking, now you’ve been snapped up!”

Florence – “Ooooh, Karen love, this is so exciting! I had a feeling this one was different. Pop round later, we need to celebrate!”

Sebastian – “I want to go ring shopping with you! I’ll pretend to be your flamboyant fiancé and we’ll find the biggest cock, I mean rock, we can find!”

Emilio – “I can’t wait to meet William, and set him straight about you!”

Lorna – “Well it’s about bloody time. No more messing about! That wanker Ben will be devastated. Serves him right!”

Frankie – “Oh crumbs, really? Really, really, really? I knew it! Soooo happy for you Madison!”

William– “I love you.”


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