May 13th, 1991

May 13th, 1991
At home, England

Received a letter from Millie. Whew! Pages and pages of how awful it was for her in Antigua, seeing me with William and how she felt ill and sad and lonely and is sorry and blah, blah, blah. I took the letter over to let mum read it, which she did a couple of times.
“What do you think, mum?”
“I think Millie had feelings for your that went beyond that of a friend.”
“That makes it even worse,” I groaned.
“Aye it does,” mum nodded. “Poor lassie. I think she’s a wee bit lost.”
“I can’t be friends with her anymore, not after the way she acted.”
“I agree, but I still feel sorry for her. She was probably jealous of William.”
“Looking back, I think she was jealous of everyone I was close to.”
“Shame, she was a nice lassie.”
“Are you serious, mum? She was absolutely vile to me!”
“Aye and there are reasons why people act like that. You never know what somebody’s going through.”

I wish I could be more like my sweet mum!

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