February 25th, 1992

February 25th, 1992

New Hampshire, USA

I knew it’d be freezing here but I wasn’t quite prepared for how cold it actually is. I’m thinking the heels I brought to wear with my wedding outfit won’t be suitable for snow and I might be better off with something along the lines of fur lined wellies!

William met me at the airport yesterday and unlike me, he’s not the sort to kiss in public or show affection so there was no snogging or lingering, welcome hug. Instead, he was all about, “Getting on the road,” which, I found annoying, considering we were only going to his parents. So much so, in fact that we didn’t talk for the first hour, until my stomach deceived me and started growling, which is when I caved in and asked if we could stop for something to eat, to which he replied, “No.”

Denying me of food is on par with declaring war so I got all huffy and started on about how annoying he was being, blah blah blah. Anyone else on the receiving end of such would probably retaliate in some way, but not William. He just ignored me and kept driving.

Fuming (and starving) I told him if I didn’t get something to eat fast, I’d faint which I see now, was a tad melodramatic! What William failed to tell me was that we were very close to his Mum and Dad’s, where a feast, and some of their friends awaited us.


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